For Photography

Rental Studios

Rental Studios

For small production, Studio has three spaces without any scenery. The studios are designed for professional photography and are equipped with everything necessary.

Also, we can help with rental and logistics of the necessary additional requisites and equipment.

Contact us for booking by phone or email. When booking, you can inform about a required set of strobe lights, modifiers and backdrops.

1000-1300 ₽

All studios are equipped with Elinchrom strobe light with a range of light modifiers. The price includes basic studio package: x3 Elinchrom Heads with modifiers, stands, flags, hair & makeup station, clothing racks and etc.

Photo Equipment Rental

Photo equipment rental outside the studio is possible only with our specialist.

From 10000 ₽

  • Cost for 10 hours in the area of St. Petersburg.
  • Extra hours are calculated as 15% of the shift per hour.
  • Time is calculated from the moment of loading to unloading.

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